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SIXTEENBONES is John Nugent, a senior independent IT consultant with over 20 years of experience in the management of complex enterprise Information Technology architecture projects. Mr. Nugent spent over 12 years working for big consulting, large corporations, and startups; the remainder has been spent focusing on clients as an independent.

Mr. Nugent offers extensive skills in the development and implementation IT staff, processes, and technologies. Mr. Nugent's background as a Director and Lead Architect for numerous organizations, both as an in-house executive and external consultant, provides a balanced approach to delivering cost-effective solutions in a wide array of technical environments.

Mr. Nugent's background spans nearly two decades of increasing responsibility and innovation in sectors including Public Education, Government Agencies, Wholesale, Retail, Finance, Public Utilities, Commercial Airlines, Telecommunications and Internet Startups. Mr. Nugent has performed very well in rapidly evolving technical environments where the ability to anticipate and apply new technologies is essential. While Mr. Nugent can rapidly assimilate and implement new technologies to meet his client’s needs, he is even more effective in leveraging his experience and abilities by developing the people and the processes within the organization.

Building trusted partnerships with internal departments, vendors, and end users has enabled Mr. Nugent's clients to consistently achieve their IT missions. As a highly skilled manager of people, processes and technologies, Mr. Nugent would like to help you bring out the best in your organization.





Business Experience – Mr. Nugent efficiently aligns complex business requirements with technical solutions with a strong business focus. Mr. Nugent has extensive experience in the proposal and sales process.

Project Experience – Mr. Nugent works effectively with project management organizations having years of experience creating and maintaining project plans. Mr. Nugent is able to plan, budget, and manage resources efficiently.

Industry Experience - Mr. Nugent works efficiently in the enterprise or the startup in a variety of industries, working with CIOs or system administrators

Technical Experience – Mr. Nugent has excellent technical depth and breadth in a variety of technologies and is able to design and go “hands-on” for escalated issues.

Technical Leadership – Mr. Nugent is able to establish credibility immediately with technical teams, from the system adminstrator to C-level executives

Risk Management Skills – Mr. Nugent is able to identify risks early and provide risk mitigation strategies.

Entrepreneurial Drive – Mr. Nugent thrives in fast-paced, challenged or startup environments.

Communication Skills - Mr. Nugent has exceptional written and verbal communication skills.



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